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 Skysong PVE Build [JD Forums]

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PostSubject: Skysong PVE Build [JD Forums]   Tue Jan 12, 2010 11:53 am

Since there is so many people asking for this type of build but no real guides i'll do my thing and craft a good build for it.


Advantages for this build:
Evasion +80
4 Times the heal on Mentil distill, majorly reducing the number of hp pots used, and possibly eliminating the need at all for healing depending on how much dmg you are taking where you grind


Starting off with Initiate, same as basically every one else's

Heavy Blow: 2
Vigilance: 6
[Points Used 8]

For this build you'll want to max all your passives, more passive means more evasion and more AP
Tier 1
Mojon Tamer: 1
Enlightened Ruler: 3
Bodhi's Tree: 9

[Points used in required 13]
You are free to grab other skills you want, avoid the defense buff though as you get a better version of it later.

Recommenced for" i'm going to just afk grind"
Sorrows' Blessing : 11
[Points used like this is 24]

Recommended for "I'm a team player"
Sorrows Blessing: 6
Blessing of Prosperity: 6
[Points used 25]

Recommended for " I wanna Aoe Grind"
Lions Roar: 1, its not much of an aoe but it still an aoe with the added knock back
Sorrows Blessing 12
[Points used 26]


Tier 2
High aspirations is in my opinion the best heal you can have to stick on your esper, its heal up front plus the heal over time after is, and it heals about 4 times as much hp as it costs, i will go ahead and say max this one, i use it on my esper even at lvl 134

Wisdom of Scriptures: 3
Soul Mirror: 5 [its a passive so gota max it, plus it gives defense and this is a pve build every bit of defense is needed]
Diamond Sutra: 1 {its a decent attack to put on your esper, cheap and does 4% more dmg so its good forever as a cheap spamable skill}
High Aspirations : 10 for now but increase to 12 later {Can keep it at a lower level till later on, but this plus boghis thunder will activly increase you hp by a decent amount while afk grinding, which again makes dying harder incase of lags}
Infinite Mercy: 5, who can argue against more hp
[Points Used: 24 now and 26 later]


Tier 3
Tainted Scripture: 3
Scripture of Mercy: 8 [This is an amazing pve skill, mobs will go from hitting a few hundred down to hitting 1 dmg on you, less dmg means more money saved on pots, also usefull when you need to tank a little more]
Guardian of the Earth: 3 [again more passive]
Glowing Aura: 4
Boghi's Protector: 5 This is a must to max

[Points used 23, can throw that last point on any thing you want really, glowing aura if you want a bit more heal, or like self destruct if you want it]


Tier 4
To be honest At this point you can really invest how ever you want in tier 4. This build has plenty of spare points to invest in what ever you want.

Lotus Pluck: 9, its good pve and pvp, expensive but still useful against bosses and what not when you just wanna get the fight over with sooner, not to mention its range and the fact it mental distills twice, at our already 4 times strong mental distill, means its going to heal you a decent amount

Sutra of the Heart: 8, already getting the tomes for this as a requirement for Boghi's thunder, and maxed and tomes it heals an outrageous amount of hp per tick, 24 % per tick with the tome at 2/3, and 32% a tick with the tome at 3/3. Yes this is good for pve when say you gota tank alot of mobs at once , maxed and tomes it last for 42 seconds, so its a good thing when you need to tank.

6 Cycles of Hell: 1, its an ok pve skills, good to use on bosses, usually 1 cast will kill a mob your level, cost to much sp to use in excess but is nice to have

Demon Blast: 2
Eclipse: 6
Hopeful Wish: 9, Max this aoe out for end game pve, this combined with Immeasurable truth should take out normal mob around you. I hear that Immeasurable alone can 1 cast kill mobs your level from a person with a plus 9 weapon, so for those of us who don't have that good of gear, Hopefull wish casts before or after should go ahead and finish them off.

[Points Used: 35 ]


Tier 5
Sayings of Boghi: 3
Immeasurable Truth: 2 [this will be a good pve skill as well as a good pvp]
Fawins Wisdom : 5 [ this is more of a pvp skill but might as well]
10000 Things : 0 for pve [ Don't really need this for pve, can max if you want it for max hp for boghis thunder how ever]

[Points Used: 8]

[Points Remaining: Depending on the options you took at tier 1 you have about 23 spare points to invest how ever you see fit]



I'll recommend gunning for your last tome of the 3rd and 4th lines of XEN first. Then either the points in 2 oblivion and the 6 points in justice, go for boghis thunder last.

Oblivion Tree

Deep Thoughts 2/2 [increases your espers attack and enhances mentill distill]

[Tomes used 2]

Justice Tree

Blissful Reincarnation 2/2
Dyhana Skys 2/2
Honest Attendant 2/2 [this was the real goal of the justice tree tomes for this build, more defense = more better]

[Tomes used 6]

Xen Tree

Your happy tree

Maxium Of Protection 2/3
Cherished Wish 2/2

Blissful Ode 2/2 - Common Understanding 2/2 - Sympathy 2/2 - Solid Development 3/3 [This is an important tome for this build, the better mental distill will save you alot of need for heals, and possibly eliminating the need all together in areas where you get hit for like 30 or less dmg]

Prayer of Restoration 2/2 - Medicinal Practice 2/3 - Demonic Illusions 2/2 - Spring Dew 4/4 [ This is also another vital Tome, with those passives maxed thats 80 more Ap and 80 more Evasion, the less mobs hit you the less dmg you take]

Soul Blossom 2/2 - Conch of Mystery 2/3 - Song of Light 2/2

Boghis Thunder 4/4

[Tomes used 31]

You're still left with a small handfull of tome points left at the end to use where ever you like


Max Defense, High Hp, Max Evasion, Heal a few hundred every time you use Mental Distill (which by the way every skysong esper attack uses), And A good High Aspirations to stick on your esper, Late game good aoes, can't really ask for more out of a pve skysong then this.



After reading some suggestions and doing more research... it would be a good idea to add the extra points into:
- Lotus Pluck
- Sutra (heal overtime)
- 6 cycles

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PostSubject: Sounds familiar   Wed Oct 06, 2010 10:44 am

Congrats on the excellent build. That was copied from the official forums... Suspect
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Skysong PVE Build [JD Forums]
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