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 Skysong [PVP Built]

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PostSubject: Skysong [PVP Built]   Thu Jan 28, 2010 8:49 pm


As i promised earlier here is my build =D Every skill used is important in this build, and i've tested each resist skill to make sure its high enough for all cases. (i have 1 point left over because im debating between putting it into the sleep aoe or the stun resist)

The features of this build are
1. An aoe which can hit over 24k non-crit(i've maxed 24600 on a lv 132 vim)
2. 38k-42k HP
3. High stun/silence resist
4. The ability to evade or chase enemies(Muscle control)


For this build it is important to have +1 Spiritual exchange on your esper

Boghi's Thunder(HP boost)
Solid Development(Double skill AP of 1v1 skills) note: only 1k extra AP per shot
Higher Consciousness(20% AP boost for AOE)
Spirit Matter(For resist buffs)
Endless Woe(Reduce Sleep aoe CD)

Spirit Matter(to increase resistances)
This charm is important because without it you will be silenced by lupins and stunned by Modos

To get resists:
Gear refine isn't usually thought of as part of a build, but its very important
For this build i plan to have +5 stun imbue on each piece.

A high grade pet for fusion will boost resists by another 15-30 points.

Two +15 Stun/Silence resist rings are 100% needed

With all imbues, a good esper, pets, and the spirit matter tome/charm you should end with ~300 stun and 280 silence resist.
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Skysong [PVP Built]
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