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 The AOE Build for Jadeon

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PostSubject: The AOE Build for Jadeon   Sat Jan 16, 2010 9:13 am

This guide isn't mine, but something I found.

BTW the the last Teirs are missing

Jadeon AOE guide

A Jadeon in Jade Dynasty is the ranged spell caster class, to be more specific a sword wielding glass-cannon.
Every class has strengths and weaknesses and for Jadeon they are clear.


- High Attack
- High Mana
- Best Area of Effect (AOE) skills


- Terrible defence
- Low Health points

Jadeon followers are masters of ranged attacks, despite their use of swords. Their ability to hit from afar and the high damage they deal makes them dangerous enemy's in battle. However, they are weak in defence and can be overwhelmed when trapped in melee combat. Many Jadeon spells use magically enchanted swords that will slow or disable an opponent as the Jadeon continues to deal damage from afar.


This is a must have for every class. The level 15 is not as important yet but by level 45 get it as it will lower Potion cost a lot. You can buy this item at the Shady Dealer in Sunstream.

- Fundamental Chi, Required level is 15, Defence +45, Health +200, Spirit +200, Evasion +6, Cost 30g
- Chi of Element, Required level is 45, Defence +65, Health +400, Spirit +400, Evasion +6, Cost 45g
- Chi of Origin, Required level is 75, Defence +85, Health +600, Spirit +600, Evasion +18, Cost 60g
- Chi of Deliberation, Required level is 105, Defence +105, Health +800, Spirit +800, Evasion +24, Cost 120g
- Chi of Rumination, Required level is 135, Defence +125, Health +1200, Spirit +1200, Evasion +30, Cost 200g

I think the benefits here are clear, despite the high cost, and do not need any further explanation just get it as soon as possible.

God's gift

Once a day, every day at or after midnight server time you can go to Tanis Ka in Sunstream and get the God's Gift (Blessing of the Gods) quest. He will give you two stones which are called Tigeren Stone and Turtoil Crystal which will give you better defence and attack for a limited amount of time. The Crystals themselves will be in your inventory so you need two spaces there for them and will vanish after 2 hours. After activating them you will get 8 hours of the increased defence and attack buffs. In addition to that for the first hours after accepting the quest from Tanis Ka you will get double exp from any monster kills you do.

Tip: Make sure to rebuff just before the crystals vanish so you have all together 10 hours of buffs.

Also if you d/c or die after losing the Stones you can always get them from the Marketplace (Press J) or other players but be aware that if you get those or ask others for a buff hit it does cost real money to buy them. The Marketplace Crystals are better in the sense that they will stay in your inventory for 8 hours so if you don't d/c after the crystals are gone you can grind with buffs for 16 hours through that.

Tips and Tricks

- Grind with buffs and the level dependant Chi.
- Do events! Fishing, Crisis, Astral, Alliance events etc (Press the ! sign near your mini map) they are worth it.
- Get a master (He/she must be above level 105 while you must be under level 75)
- Join a clan for the buffs you can get from being a member. (You must be level 20 or above)
- Get a mount! It will save you some time and also 3 skill points if you always use it. With the mount you can escape just as well as with Charge if not better.
- Maximise your bag and stash space as much as you can. More drops you can pick up the more money.
- Enhance your armor as much as you possible can it will help your defence and survivability.
- Do not get the Future Heroes quest from Tanis Ka or at least don't use that armor except for in emergencys. We Jadeons need enhanced armor if we do not want to run out of money for potions. And if you make your own or get a crafter to make some for you, you will at least be able to sell the armor afterwards.


Be warned the Jadeon is an endgame class. Before Tier 4 it won't be easy killing other players. Also it is very skill dependant, two Jadeons with the same build, same level, and the same gear may get very different results.


I am not a PvP player so have went for a AOE-based build. This is my own build I have not followed any guides at all but went by what I think would be good for my own play-style. Alter the build in anyway you see fit to be comfortable with your build.

Initiate Skills

Heavy Blow: 2 skill points

Do not forget the fact here that after level 30 this skill is essentially useless.

Vigilance: 7 skill points.

Yes maximise this skill as fast as you can. Resistance is always needed.

You will need 8 points in this Tier before being able to put any points into the next Tier.

Becoming a Tier 1 Jadeon

After hitting level 15 you can at long last start with Jadeon. Go to Tanis Ka and do the quest he gives you. Go kill the Chi beast outside Sunstream. Click in your quest-list on the Green bit which should be Chi beast. Follow the auto-path and then look for the Enlightenment Guru who is walking back and forth on the path you should be at. He will spawn the Chi beast at random intervals just be patient. Remember you only have to kill one of them.

Afterwards return to Tanis Ka, hand the quest in and then choose the Jadeon option he gives. For this next part you have to go to the Jadeon map more specifically the Crystal Hall there. Use auto-path to find Enu here and speak to him. He will give you a quest to kill six Ebony monkeys, which are just outside the Jadeon city. Go kill them and return to Enu. Congratulations on becoming a Tier 1 Jadeon at last.

Tier 1 Skills

Frozen Curse: 2 points

Your first Tier 1 skill you have to put a point in to be able to access the other skills and with putting 2 here you will have the 24 points needed for Tier 2 if you follow the rest of this guide. The choice is up to you though if you want to put a point into another attack skill that is fine also.

Ancient Recall: 3 points

A very important passive skill for any Jadeon whatever the build. It will help you recover Mana/SP points a lot faster. May become slightly less useful at higher levels due to large SP potion consumption when grinding and Refined Vigor (Tier2) will also help you cast more spells without needing to enter recovery mode. This skill doesn't affect PVP.

Wanderlust: 5 points

Yes maximise this skill. Your first buff in Jadeon, increases movement speed and SP regeneration outside of combat. The skill is very deceiving the movement speed is unimportant, even in PVP, because most people have mounts and this skill only last 20 seconds. What makes this skill important is the 100% SP regeneration and the fact that you need 24 points to start tier2 skills. Wanderlust is also a prerequisite to very important skills: Helping Hand and Mysterious Mirror.

Helping Hand: 8 points

Maximise this and do it as fast as you can. It is one of our only and most important buffs. With the Inner Vitality Tome this skill will increase our SP for an hour by 40%.

Mysterious Mirror: 6 points

A passive skill which will increase your Stun resistance. While it is not too important at this point in the game it will help you at higher levels. Most passive skills will have to be maxed like this.

You will need 24 points in this Tier to be able to put points into the first Tier 2 so choose wisely.

Becoming a Tier 2 Jadeon

For this quest you will get a pop-up as soon as you hit level 45. Return to Enu in the Jadeon Crystal Hall. He will give a Timed quest so be warned. You have 20 minutes all together to kill 250 Boars outside Sunstream. It is very easy if you go to the correct spot. Use the Teleport back to Sunstream and then go south of there. Do not try to kill them directly outside the town where there are only 4 or so of them. Go further south and you will find a lot more. You will one hit them without skills even so this should go by quickly. Afterwards return to Enu and you will be Tier 2 - Congratulations!

Level 60 recommendation

After hitting level 60 you can get a daily quest which is called Sleepless. This quest has a 24 hour time limit but can be handed in as often as you like during those 24 hours. Just get a new one from the Physician of the town you are supposed to be in as needed. For this quest you have to kill one certain type of monster, you usually get a choice between two to three of them, and kill as many as you can in the next 24 hours. You will get extra experience for every monster you kill with that quest active. Depending on level and on how many you kill of course it is not unusual to get several millions worth of experience from this quest.

Tier 2 Jadeon Skills

Ancient Ice: 3 points

Your first Tier 2 skill, the 3 points are needed to Refined Vigor which is a very important skill for us.

Refined Vigor: 8 points

This skill looks silly at first, decreasing your HP when Jadeons HP is already so low, but here's why its absolutely amazing.
You regenerate a huge amount of SP while giving up some HP, having tomes to raise this SP recovery even more, can be used in combat, and its 120 second cool-down can be reset using Ice Aptitude. I highly recommend using this on the Esper as well. When it is high enough and with the correct Tome skills it has a chance to fully recover your Mana/SP bar so you will not need as many Potions meaning saved money.

Faithful Defender: 7 points

We have terrible defence and this is a very useful shield for us. It will significantly raise our defence and the 2 minute cool-down can be reset by Ice Aptitude. It may not seem that useful now due to the high Mana/SP cost but it is worth putting in the points for the long term.

Southern Knowledge: 6 points

We need all the Mana/SP we can get so maximise this as soon as possible. It is a passive skill and raises our spirit permanently.

Ice Aptitude: 6 points

Great skill in your repertoire that resets the cool-down of many useful buffs/shields such as Wanderlust, Faithful Defender and Refined Vigor. Also increases defence for a short amount of time, with an increasing defence and duration every skill point.

Again you will need 24 points in this Tier to be able to get Tier 3 skills which with this build you will have 30 all together. Also I didn't get charge as I have a mount and I use it as much as I possibly can.

Becoming a Tier 3 Jadeon

Again you will get a pop-up, this time at level 75, to go back to Enu in the Crystal Hall. This quest requires a lot of time and running around. Very easy though. You will need to:

- Kill 50 Butterfly's outside Sunstream
- Kill 100 Savage Slitherer's outside the Wildland Sanctuary.
- Pay 5g

It also requires a lot of running around in between NPC's so can take quite a while. Very easy though and after you are done Enu will make you a Tier 3 Jadeon. Congratulations!

Level 90 warnings

After hitting level 90 do not forget that your Esper will cost you Energy. Saving some before you hit that level is highly recommended. Also you will lose 6% of your exp every time you die and after hitting level 91 you will not be able to get God's Gift quest from Tanis Ka any more. I highly recommend here to either buy a buff hit from other players or to buy your own from the Marketplace.

Tier 3 Jadeon skills

Five Thunders: 3 points

This is our first decent AOE skill and also the prerequisite to our Tier 3 skills. Attacks a radius of 8 yards around the target you desire and gives you a nice bonus damage.

Ankh of Kings: 3 points

Increases Critical null and weaken resistance. Here remember the tome skill Synchronized Heartbeat will increase your HP on every passive skill you choose to invest, you'll need it.

Meditative Aura: 6 points

This passive skill increases your attack power permanently and also triggers tome Synchronised Heartbeat to increase HP. Although its nice to have any added damage bonus, the real reason to get this is to unlock Air Shield and Spontaneity, those are crucial to PVP & PVE builds.

Air Shield: 5 points

This skill increases your defence for a short duration and increases your max Mana/SP for a moderate duration. It has a 2 minute cool-down but can be reset with Ice Aptitude. You will need the added defence for AOEing.

Spontaneity: 7 points

Increases your base defence which we Jadeons desperately need and decreases the critical chance inflicted upon you so maximise it now! Also triggers the Tome skill Synchronised Heartbeat to increase your HP again.

Again 24 points are needed to unlock Tier 4 skills where the fun really starts for us AOE Jadeon builds.

I will further update this as I get higher in level. Also this is actually the second place this has been posted. Kudos to those who know where I posted it first.
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The AOE Build for Jadeon
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