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 ARDEN [Common Build]

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PostSubject: ARDEN [Common Build]   Thu Jan 21, 2010 7:35 pm


Hey guys, this is my take on an arden's skills and what it should look like. It is mainly a beast-reliant build, but has wicked critical rates. This is just my opinion, and you can modify my guide to suit you however you want. Well lets get started:

Tier 1:

Phoenix Arrow-3/9
Elastic Dash- 3/3
Fox Shadow-7/7 (yes, max it. When stacked with other speed boosts will make you almost impossible to catch and gives immunities.)
Wind Walker-3/3(godly boost, alone can let you escape from most enemies)
Dark Wolf-9/9(boost for both the Wolf and T5 summon)
Fast As Wind-5/5(did anyone else see, permanent boost when active?)

Points Spent:42

Lets get started on Tier 2:

Blood Arrow-1/9
Nothingness Walk-3/3(max this, gives 30% more damage to your next strike)
Crystal Heart- 3/3
Swamp Bull-9/9(boosts T5 summon)
Night Wanderer-3/9(Needed to get to 24 points and hey, there's nothing wrong about being able to stop an enemy in its tracks for a few sec., more time to fire back on them)

Points Spent:24

Tier 3:
Moonlight Strike-1/9
Spirit Sediment-3/3(sorry Modo's no bleeds for us)
Gilded Iron-3/3(Can anyone say "boosted Crit")
Dreaming Phoenix-4/9(helpful. Can stop someone long enough to charge bow. Comes into play more later.)
Mountain Bear-9/9(again, boosts T5 summon)
Fire Aggression-5/5
Dreamlike Song-5/5(comes into play later, lets just say, your gonna combine it with other skills to 1 hit KO a lot.)

Points Spent:30

Tier 4:

Flame Stream-6/9(wow this and Dragon Stun are the only bow skills i put a lot of points into so far.)
Dragon Stun-8/8( can remove a positive buff from the opponent, enough said.)
Ardent Array-5/5( i wonder, can anyone answer if this stacks with skysong array? prob. not)
Wood Spirit-3/3
Drunk Lotusen-1/9( could only spare 1 point for it)
Creek Turtle-9/9( getting annoying now typing this again lol, boosts T5 summon)
Mountain Dweller-5/5 (Can be good to have when botting, take less damage)

Points Spent:37

Tier 5: ( finally the uber -gonna be nerfed soon i bet- skills)

Cloud Dweller-5/5(most likely your greatest bow skill,especially when charged)
Eloquence Lord-2/2(probably one of the greatest self-buffs ever, the part im especially loving is the extra crit, so much all together lol when using tomes and dagos affinities that increase crit)
Incarnation Switch-5/5(great skill, can reduce enemy max hp and sp to whatever it is now. If you can get in a crit with it, no more worries about him healing back up out of 1 hit ko range.)

And Finally, WHISKER TIGER(dun dun dun)- 5/5(self explanatory, the greatest summon you can get and has all the special boost the other summons have. Remember the wolfs 9% extra crit rate for example? that's the tigers too.)

Points Spent:17

Total:150 points.

The reason i maxed out the Dreamlike arrow from Tier 3 is simple. If you can fire off one at an enemy(say in a duel) they cannot move until you attack them again or the time runs out. You can set the Phoenix next to them and it will help your other arrow out and sleep along with it. Now(here's the awesome part) You can use Eloquence Lord, then Nothingness Walk to increase damage done, and charge up say, Cloud Dweller, and fire it off at the opponent. If that doesnt kill them, you have a couple seconds left till they reach you so fire off another skill or use the Dreamlike arrow skill and do another skill charged up.(i kinda feel bad for your enemy lol.) Now you can run around using your Tiger and fight along side him, or put pets away and do devastating damage with the above combo. Either way, it hurts.

Now For the Tomes:

Bow Tab: Empty, nothing worth adding on at the lower levels and even though there is an okay skill further on, it wastes too many points to reach it.

Floral Tab:
Free Wander- 2/2
Cloud Ride- 2/2
Mystic Forecast- 2/2
Champion Star- 2/2
Honored Light- 2/2
(This Tab reduces the cool downs of some very useful skills, so i suggest getting them strongly.)

Beast Tab: (main focus)
Sharp Gold- 2/2(increases self-attack)
Air Rotator- 3/3
Deep Insight- 3/3 (These skills all give animal summons same buffs
Hooking Tusk- 3/3 their corresponding skills gave you.)
Horn String- 3/3
Graceful Wave- 2/2(increases self crit damage)
Furious Wolf- 2/2 (all five skills starting now increase the
Armored Rhino- 2/2 summons ability in certain ways)
Mighty Bear- 2/2
Occult Turtle- 2/2
Fury Beast- 2/2 (gives tiger 40 additional seconds)

Total Tome Points Used: 46, should have 2 left over for whatever you want added on.

Hope you like my guide, it should give you the strongest summons possible, and when you combine all the crit increasing skills with a ring or other gear that gives extra crit rate, and the two dagos skills that increase your crit rate, you will be seeing a critical strike pop up on your screen very often.

Enjoy, and feel free to comment.
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ARDEN [Common Build]
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