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 EVENT: JD Facebook Daily Jaden Giveaway: Jan 18-31! -

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PostSubject: EVENT: JD Facebook Daily Jaden Giveaway: Jan 18-31! -   Mon Jan 18, 2010 8:02 pm


Facebook DAILY Jaden Giveaway
January 18 - 31!


Greetings People of Earth:

With our Facebook Membership Drive, along with a plethora of fantastic prizes, in full swing (see: we've decided to up the ante a bit and add another layer of good times and prizes with a DAILY Jaden Giveaway starting NOW (Monday, January 18) and lasting for the next 14 days ending on Sunday, January 31st!

This DAILY giveaway will award some PHAT rewards in the form of Bonus Jaden and participating in these giveaways really couldn't be easier!

Here's how this DAILY GIVEAWAY will play out:

Each day at approximately noon'ish (Pacific Time) a daily "Prize Thread" will be created at the Jade Dynasty Facebook Fan Page. This thread will ask users to post the following information for prize consideration:

1. Their in-game Character name
2. The server of the above character
3. How many of their respective Facebook friends are also 'fans' on JD's Facebook

You have until midnight (Pacific Time) to participate in each DAILY prize thread.

2 daily winners (from each thread) will be awarded in the following categories:

Winner #1: The person who lists the highest amount of their Facebook friends who are also members of the JD Facebook Fan Page will be awarded 100 Bonus Jaden!

Winner #2: A random prize recipient - basically anyone who submits their in-game character name and server location will be randomly selected to receive 10 Bonus Jaden!

There you have it - really couldn't be simpler! If you manage to get a lot of your fellow Facebook friends to join the JD Facebook Fan Page be sure to participate in the daily thread to snag 100 Bonus Jaden. Even if you don't have a ton of friends in our group, participate anyway for the chance to score 10 Bonus Jaden!

Daily Facebook Prize Schedule:

* Monday, Jan. 18 (Day #1): 50 Bonus Jaden will be randomly awarded to anyone who participates in our first prize thread. Be sure to list your in-game character name and server to be eligible!
* Tuesday, Jan. 19 - Saturday, Jan. 30 (Days #2 - 13): 100 Bonus Jaden awarded per day to Winners of Prize Category #1 and 10 Bonus Jaden awarded per day to Winners of Prize Category #2!
* Sunday, Jan. 31 (Day #14): 300 Bonus Jaden awarded to Prize Category #1 Winner and 50 Bonus Jaden to Prize Category #2 winner!


*To participate, submit the required info to the DAILY prize thread at the JD Facebook Fan Page (not this thread!).
*Bonus Jaden is currency for use in the Jade Dynasty Bonus Shop
* Winners of Category #1 during days 2 - 13 can only win 1 time.
* However, Category #1 will be reopened to ALL participants on Day #14 (the 300 Jaden payout!).
* You must list your in-game character name and server to be eligible for prize consideration
* If participating in Category #1 you must make your Facebook 'friends list' viewable (for prize verification purposes).
* Winners for each daily prize thread will be announced 1-5 business days at the completion of each daily thread.
* All Bous Jaden prize rewards will be distributed en masse by Wed, Feb. 10.


*JD Facebook Fan Page
*Details on JD's Facebook Membership Drive
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EVENT: JD Facebook Daily Jaden Giveaway: Jan 18-31! -
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