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 Tips : how to make gold on alt?

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PostSubject: Tips : how to make gold on alt?   Thu Jan 14, 2010 10:32 pm



This should help answer the endless question of how to make more gold. Feel free to add any suggestions, comments, corrections, etc.

This method is what I used on my second PC, the one that I use for extra gold and clan provs and such. Some of these things can be applied to your main account too.

-The Guide Itself-

Basically, there's not much you can do gold-wise until you can bot, obviously. So, go do your mandatory quests up until you get the trigram. The tome and accessory really aren't necessary, but you can do those quests too if you want.

Once you've gotten your Trigram, equipped it, and have built up enough energy to invigorate, set your Heavy Blow skill on your Esper's skill bar, put your Celemiracle Dew (from your mandatories) into the HP box on the Esper's lower bar, and gotten your God's Gifts buffs from Tanis Ka, set your esper to pick up only Scarla Wood and Burry Herb in the item pickup box, buff yourself up, and head to Jadeon to kill the beginning mobs.

The whole premise of making gold with this method is that people will need those basic provisions to level up the Clan Skill, Shared Fortune. Thus, you can sell those provs at a much higher price than you would get from NPC vendors, since not many people are able to get these provs by themselves to up their clan skills due to their higher levels.

Once you've hit level 15, it's time to choose a faction. If this is a separate account from your main, choose a defense faction; it'll save you a little bit on pot costs. I chose Vim for myself, however, as SibelIe has pointed out to me, Skysong will work fairly well as long as you're willing to sacrifice a little on SP pot costs. When your inventory is full, go to the Trade Realm and set up a stall next to the clan master with your provisions; price them how you wish, I priced mine at 6-7s each and they were bought up pretty quickly.

Basically, continue this strategy up until level 90, changing the esper pickup settings to match the provs from the zone you're in. Then, if you want, you can continue on at a slower pace (waiting for lunarshades), or you can start another alt on that account and do the whole thing over again. It's your choice.

-Other Tips-

* If at all possible, get your alt discipled. This will save you hundreds in pot costs, since you get up to 9 bundles of 99 level-appropriate yellow pills daily from the Peaches quest. You'll have a slight trade-off in gold since you'll level somewhat faster, but it's worth it.

*Once your alt hits level 60, do Nation's while you're not botting. Again, if you can get discipled for yellow pots, do it, because then the reward from CV's is pure profit. Sell the map pieces for more gold, the treasure hunt is never worth it.

*If you're trying to make as much gold as possible, try to level as slow as possible. Don't do daily events, vend on double exp days, etc. This way, you stay in the lower levels longer and pick up more provisions that are harder to obtain at high levels.

*If you haven't been discipled, buy maybe 5 of the type of pots that the mobs drop, and put those into your pickup settings as well. As a Vim with God's Gift buffs, you should be only hit for 1's until the buffs run out anyways, so once those buffs run out, you can go a bit longer with the pots you've picked up. This doesn't necessarily apply at the higher end of each zone, but refining your armor should make up for it.

*Another way to save gold, especially with refined armor, is to keep your refined armor and pass it along down to the next alt once they need it. You will only need to do those for your chest piece up until 90, then mail them to your next alt and repeat (Again, thanks to SibelIe)

Using this strategy, you should be able to hit 100 Gold well before level 30, selling full stacks of provisions. If there's anything you'd like to add, just comment and I'll see if it should be added in.

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Tips : how to make gold on alt?
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