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 Bug Bounty #1: Save the world!

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PostSubject: Bug Bounty #1: Save the world!   Wed Jan 13, 2010 11:16 pm



In an effort to resolve issues faster in Jade Dynasty we are calling on the community for assistance. Sometimes there are hard to reproduce issues that our small QA team can only spend so much time trying to find. Sadly this sometimes means bugs get downgraded in terms of priority as they move onto larger issues.

Honestly that is dumb, so Dvorak and I have come up with a little idea to get those downgraded bugs fixed, but we need your help!

Help us get the data we need and we will reward you with 20 BONUS Jaden (for use in the bonus cash shop) and 500 G (in-game money).

The FIRST person who posts the info (to this thread) that helps us nail down this issue will receive the award but that said, it may require additional contributions from multiple players to help us fully resolve this glitch and therefore should the need arise multiple bounties will also be made available.

Current Issue:

Players spawning inside of towers during Fort Siege Battles.

The China development team claims this does not occur on the Chinese servers, which I do not believe, but they said we need to provide proof.

What we need:

Ideal: Get a video of a player or your character being stuck inside the tower. You can simply have fraps running (free download) and when it occurs turn on the record option.

Less than Ideal: Screenshots of a player or your character being stuck inside the tower.

Must Have:

Either a video or screenshots, but more importantly a description of how it happened.
What towers were currently destroyed, what was the status of the battle (who was winning, what phase was the battle in)?
Where was the current respawn point (x,y) coordinates ?
What tower did the person respawn in (x,y) coordinates ?
Could anyone target this player (friendly or enemy) ?
Any other information you feel that will assist us.

If you're able to capture this glitch and provide as much of the data points listed above please respond to this thread with screenshots and/or links to your uploaded video (youtube, etc).

Happy Hunting!

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Bug Bounty #1: Save the world!
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