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 PatchNotes #124

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PostSubject: PatchNotes #124   Wed Jan 13, 2010 12:13 am


Patch #124

U.S. Release - January 11th, 2010


Fixed an issue with the Achievements window that was preventing Achievements from displaying properly.
Fixed an issue preventing players from attacking monsters in the Land of Immortals, Purified Lands and Fel Lands.
Balo and Arden Charm lotteries now function properly, rewarding the player with random Charm ingredients just like the Charm lotteries for the other 5 factions do.
The game should no longer crash when selecting the quest "Chapter 2 The Arden - Rebuild the Spirits" in the quest log.
The extra line breaks in the quest tracker have been removed, allowing the quest tracker to display more quests at a time.
Corrected an issue preventing inducted Balo and Arden characters from turning in the quest for the Brocade Box induction reward.


The Pet Bag has been renamed the Provision Bag to reduce confusion with the Pet Roster, and to help clarify that it can contain provisions as well as crafting materials.
"Bonus" and "CritStrike" stats on the character panel are now more accurately labeled as "CritStrike Bonus" and "CritStrike Rate"
Improved wording in descriptions for many Vim, Balo and Arden skills, as well as all Athan Ascension skills.
The Balo Tier 3 skills "Vilen" and "Oubliette Break" now display the correct 5 possible ranks instead of 3 in their descriptions.
The "Vilen" Balo skill now correctly states that it increases CritShield instead of reducing damage taken by a percentage.
The "Durable Fighter" Balo Tier 5 skill now correctly states that ranks in Tailslip will increase the damage of the first strike.
Corrected wording on the "Quadrash: Arden" Ascension skill to specify that it resets the cooldown on plant summons instead of animal summons. (Quadrash: Balo resets the cooldown on animal summons.)
Pet Trait "EN" is now properly "Spirit" and the other Pet Traits are no longer abbreviated unnecessarily.
The Pet Skill "Will of the Beast" is no longer incorrectly named "Suffering of Akasha" in its description. (Suffering of Akasha is a different skill.)
The Skylords in the Divine Realm now correctly list Southern Border in their destination list instead of listing Incense Valley twice.
The quest "Bilo Sword Kungfu - Kill Sand Bandits" now correctly asks you to kill Sand Familiars.
The announcement before the Deity in the Wind event begins no longer says it teleports players to the Billows.
The "Golden Elixir" quest given by Bopu the Aeon is now correctly named "Taichi Pills [Event]" to make it more obvious that this is the quest mentioned in the Event listing.
The Flameagle Order completion announcements have been reworded and condensed to fit on two lines.
The Sky Lotus Order's description now states that you need 25 Gold to turn it in to the Sky Dweller.
The Heavendeva Order's description now states that you need a party of 6 level 90+ players to begin the event.


Added Midas' Fortune mystery box, which contains random prizes including the 6.1 speed Kirin mount, the male Ghost Mask, female Butterfly Mask, Celebeans, Tiger Ice and Turtle Ice. The Kirin mount is the first mount in Jade Dynasty with random stats that will affect your character while riding on it.
The Bonus Marketplace is now open! It is now possible to spend the Bonus Jaden obtained through the Induction system on special rare items, including mounts, skyblades, and fashion items.
Removed the Royal Order, Celestial Light, Dragon Mirror, Mirawood Chest, Dratoise Caldron, Wolf Totem, Heavenly Note, Etherfox Orb, and Sacred Treasure mystery boxes, as well as the Glacier Crate pet pack.
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PatchNotes #124
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