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PostSubject: BUYING JADEN ON A FLAT OUT BASIS   Wed Jan 13, 2010 12:08 am


#1 The Cash Shop Introduction! - Today, 06:12 PM
So you want to buy some Jaden? But you don't know how? Or don't understand the process well? Well you are at the correct place!

Here we Mods and our resident Cash Shop expert GM Shnuggles will try to explain how to go about it and answer the most common questions!

First of all go to this link:

Or go to the top of this page and choose the "Charge" option. On that new page you will see the below image.

While in this thread I did not make it a link on the billing site it is. Click it to go to this page. On this new page you can decide which payment option to use.

Which payment option to use?

This now entirely depends on you and where in the world you are. Here a basic description of each payment option and if applicable a link to their website.

All payments made to Perfect World Entertainment are in United States Dollars (USD). If you do not live in the United States, you will have to have your money converted into USD. Every payment solution listed below has automatic currency conversion and you will be notified of the amount in your currency before you approve and complete the transaction so that you know how much you are paying.


PayPal is the safer, easier way to pay and get paid online. Purchases can be many in many different ways including credit cards, debit cards, bank
transfers, and gift cards including others. Available in 190 markets and 18
currencies around the world, PayPal enables global ecommerce by making payments possible across different locations, currencies, and languages. This option applies to most regions for Perfect World Entertainment. Account activation with PayPal is not required to make a purchase.

A link to their website here:

Click and Buy!

ClickandBuy is one of the leading ePayment solutions for Europe and has
expanded their coverage to other major countries world-wide. ClickandBuy
payments can be made through debit cards, credit cards, as well as online bank transfer. ClickandBuy is available in all major European countries as well as North America, Australia, and major South American countries. Account creation is required to make purchases.

A link to their website here:

International Credit Cards Europe, Local European Payment options & MoneyBookers

Moneybookers offers one of the fastest and safest ways to pay online and
transfer money on the internet.
With the Moneybookers system online payments are quicker and more reliable for millions of customers worldwide. Moneybookers offers a streamlined and hassle-free solution where all transactions are processed instantly and payment confirmations are being sent immediately.
Safety and protection from identity theft and fraud is one of the most
important topics for Moneybookers. Customers can easily pay using their credit or debit cards, without giving away any confidential financial details to the seller.

A link to their website here:

Google Checkout

Google Checkout is a free service that allows you to use a single username and password to make fast, safe, and convenient purchases on stores across the web. Google Checkout accepts all major credit and debit cards. Google Checkout is available in most major countries excluding Brazil. Account creation with Google Checkout is required to make purchases.

Not going to put a link here as you need an account with them to get to the correct page. Otherwise it may get too confusing now.


PayByCash allows for safe, easy payments without a credit card. With many
different payment options from the Ultimate Game Card, bank transfers, to money orders and directly sending cash. Options for payments through PayByCash are available in all major countries and the majority of the world. Account creation is not required to make purchases.
The Ultimate Game Cards can be found at many retail shops in the United States and Canada including 7-Eleven, Wal-Mart & Rite-Aid (US only), Best Buy (Canada only), and many others.

A link to their website here:


Paysafecard makes e-commerce a breeze for Europe. Paysafecard can be found in all major countries of Europe and does not require a credit card or an account to use! Whether you are playing games online or just want some fast shopping, paysafecard makes purchasing online fast, easy, and anonymous. Simply go to your local merchant, purchase a card, go home and enter the PIN# online and that's it! You're making pre-paid payments online!

A link to their website here:


Piggy bank a little full and you don't know how to use that change? Rixty
allows you to turn those saved coins and notes into buying power online! Go to your local Coinstar with your saved change and turn it into a Rixty voucher for online purchasing with no fees! Rixty is a voucher system that can only be found at Coinstar machines in the United States.

A link to their website here:


Ukash makes online purchasing simple and easy. Ukash allows the user the
ability to make online transactions without sharing financial information.
Ukash uses a voucher system that can be obtained online or at your local store
and no additional fees with a mobile solution coming soon! Ukash is available
in most European countries as well as Australia with expansion
coming to other countries soon. Account creation is not required.

A link to their website here:


With the Wallie-card you can make payments without sending any of your personal information online. It's easy, safe, and anonymous. Wallie-card - Your Internet Wallet.

A link to their website here:

Okay you got your payment option now? Go to the box with the payment option you want to use and decide how much you want to pay. Each option has 4 different amounts. These are:

10$, 20$, 30$, or 50$.

Some of the payment options but not all will have a bonus if you buy the 50$ option. Choose carefully and make sure you got what you want. Click the box beside your payment option/amount and then go to the bottom of the page.

In the last box on the page you can also put in the number of any coupon you have received. These are sent randomly to users of PWE and have to be used in the timeframe specified in the E-mail you have received. If you have such a coupon fill it in otherwise just skip it and go to "Submit".

This will now bring you to this page. Here you will have to create a Billing profile.


Please fill in your billing profile with accurate and true information. PWE has a system to prevent fraud and if you get flagged in their system for it your account maybe banned.

After you have filled in your information, accurately, please click "Add" so it gets updated to the system. Then go to "Place Order" it will then automatically bring you to the website of your billing option. Please follow the onscreen instructions on them.

Depending on payment option it may take several days, up to 7 days, for your money to clear. The average clear time though is 15 minutes to 24 hours. During this time PWE is not able to interfere so please contact your payment solution for more info on this.

First time Buyers

Please be aware that PWE will send you an E-mail asking you to verify your purchase. This E-mail will have to be answered within 2 hours of the payment being cleared and the sending of the E-mail. If you do not meet this deadline the payment will be refunded. This is to verify that it is indeed you who is making the payment and to prevent fraud.

After your money has cleared and everything has been verified go to your wallet. Here you can transfer your zen to the game you play, the server and ultimatly to your characters. This can be done in stages or all at once up to you.

Now were you ingame while doing all this? If so please relog so the server can update your information and award your Jaden. Otherwise just log into the game press "J" and enjoy your Jaden.

Zen conversion rates

Confused as to how much zen is 1 Jaden and how much real money it is in return? Here a little explanation.

1 US dollar will give 100 zen which in turn is 1 Gold Jaden. 1 Gold Jaden is 100 silver in the Marketplace, So:

1 US Dollar -> 100 Zen -> 1 Gold -> 100 Silver

Perfect World Entertainment Exchange Rates.

For example if you buy 30 dollars worth of Zen you will have 3000 Zen in your wallet. After you transfer it to JD and your server you will have 30 Gold Jaden.
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