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PostSubject: BEGINNERS QUESTION   Tue Jan 12, 2010 7:29 pm

Common Questions And Answers

Q:I Am A Total Noob What The Hell Do I Do?

A:Take a few minutes to make yourself familar with the controls, Holding the right mouse button and moving the mouse will rotate the camera.Left clicking a place will make your character run there you can also click on Npc's (Non Playable Computer Characters) The Keys W,S,A,D also will move your character around.
Now press Q This will bring up your quest book i suggest you click on the golden Mandatory quest hold the mouse over the green writing and click it, This will take you there anytime you see green writing in your quest book you can automatically run there by clicking it.

Q:How do I equip/use stuff from my bag?

A:Right Clicking will equip an item or use it if possible.

Q:What do provisions do?

A:You can recieve honor from donating them at your faction agent or just sell them for a profit at any NPC merchant.If you are unable to donate provisions it means you have too many quests and must trash some in order to donate.

Q:What is Honor?

A:Honor is used to gain ethereal equipment. To check your honor open the character screen by pressing C and click on Rep at the top you will see a ?.If you get high onto the ranks for honor you can recieve honor gems but as your reading a beginner FAQ i don't think this will be a problem.

Q:What is an esper?

A:An Esper is an item that can be equiped it will give you an extra tool bar with lots of buttons that can be used to automatically attack things and it gives your character boosts to his/her stats.The first esper you will get if you do the mandatory quests is called Trigram.

Q:How do I get my esper?

A:Doing mandatory quests in the beggining will get you a Trigram once you get your faction you will also get an esper or you can simply buy from the Esper Mystic in any town

Q:What is this botting that i hear so much about

A:Botting is using your esper while your not even touching the keyboard or mouse.

Q:How do I add skills and potions to my esper?

A:Press R and drag the skill you want onto the numbered squares on your esper. Press B and Drag your HP potion onto the HP square and spirit potion onto the SP square.

Q:How do I setup my esper?

A:Well there is a red bar on your esper it has to be just over 50% in order to switch it on then you click the sword that has gold spinning around it(If your details are too low you wont see the gold but clicking it will turn the button red).There is hand shaped button on your esper clicking it will bring up the timing settings.Using these setting you can set how often you want your esper to use a potion or how often you want it to use a skill.
"Hp< XX Use Remedy every YY secs" means when your hp reaches XX% out of your max Hp it will use a potion and it can't use it any quicker than YY, so say for example your XX is 50 it will heal when your HP reaches 50% and If YY is 6 seconds then when your HP reaches 50% and 6 seconds hasn't passed since it last potioned it wont potion until 6seconds has passed.
I Really recommend training at places you wont die when its set to Hp< 70% Use Remedy every 6 secs as most potions heal over 6seconds so this you will save money.
Now there is also a button on your esper that has a small picture of a sword with a green arrow through it this says "Esper settings" when the mouse is held over it, If you click this button a whole list of options pop up this is very useful for when doing quests as you can set it to quest only and then it will only attack things you have a quest for saving you lots of time.Invigorate area is the distance your character will run to kill the next closest monster.If you set it to say small it will move only a small distance and then return to that exact spot, Generally you will want it set to medium as this allows for your character to have freedom but still return to the general area and not wander so far they find a boss and get killed randomly.If ever you find your character keeps running automatically to the same spot after adjusting these settings either turn off your esper or change the area back to Unlimited.If you click the picture of the hand there is also "Pickup Settings" this will allow you to change what items your esper automatically picks up while botting, "Only pickup" means it wont pick up anything unless its on the list and "Do not pickup" means it wont even consider touching these items(ALL Items On the List MUST have the EXACT same spaces and cases Eg:to not pickup Steadfast Talisman it must be written like that and not written as stEadFaST tALISman.)

Q:How do I upgrade my esper?

A:When your esper gains max profiency it can be upgraded at the esper mystic you will have to unequip it in order to upgrade it by clicking C then right clicking your esper.Esper profiency can be found on your esper its the orange bar if you can't see an orange bar your esper probaly has no profiency hold the mouse over the bar at the bottom of your esper (orange bar if your have profiency).You gain profiency by using your esper skill.

Q:What is a LunarShade stone?

A:A lunarshade stone fills up the red bar on your esper so you can instantly bot without waiting until it reaches 50%.You get one every 5hours your logged on.DO NOT get fooled by them they may look unusable after the first right click but i assure you it can be used until it dissapears completely.You can only get these after level 15.

Q:How do I get a pet?

A:At level 5 you will obtain a mandatory quest in your quest book from pet master ellen, Finish this quest and you got yourself a pet.Once you have the pet in your inventory you will have to tame it at the pet master before you can use it to do this you simply click her and goto tame pet then right click your new found friend to equip it.

Q:I equiped my pet but I can't see it

A:You have to click the little button at the top left below the picture of your character hold the mouse over it and it will say Summon Pet Or You could also press P and then click summon.

Q:How do i buy stuff from the market place I have gold but it wont let me buy?

A: It requires Jaden not Gold you buy this at the main website, How ever it is possible to convert Gold Into Jaden or Jaden Into Gold using the banker.

Q:I Am level 15 I want a faction how do I get a faction? Tell Me! Tell Me NOW!

A:Ok to get a faction at level 15 you Press Q and you will see a quest called Spiritual Enlightment click the green writing and talk to each npc and follow their instructions carefully.

Q:How do I get married?

A:You need 10000 Romance points I believe or you can simply buy the marriage pack in Market Place.You can get Romance points by doing romance quests from either eldest match maker or Tonni in sunstream.It is also possible to obtain romance points from leowens book event I will explain how to do this in part 2.

Q:What are resistances?

A:There are status ailments like any rpg Press C and you can view your resistances.The status effects are Sleep,Stun,Paralyze,Weaken and Silence.The higher your resistance the lower the chance of someone inflicting the status on you.

Q:What the hell are these Talisman things?

A:Talismans are able to add stats to your gear or even upgrade them and then add stats.This is done by collecting the talismans you want on your equipment and talking to the Enchanter in any town then you click "Refine/Imbue" and then right click the equipment in your inventory and right click the talisman you want then click start.This is not free but certainly worth it if it succeeds, Only refine can destroy your gear so be care how many times you use those refinery talismans and i suggest you only imbue once it is refined to a satisfactory level so you don't waste both gear and more talismans than necessiary.

Q:What is crafting and how do I do it.

A:At level 12ish you will get a mandatory quest called "The Way Of Crafting" you need to do this quest in order to start crafting.You can either find the 5Copperblocks needed for it or just buy from the shady dealer in sunstream beside the stashkeep.Now you have done that you will need recipes you can buy these at the craft Npc's in any town or find them you will have to start with level 15 recipes though.Once you have a few recipes press the key O this will bring up your craft book becareful though you cannot move nor attack while craft book is open so do it in a safe place.Click the item you wish to create it will say what you need most things can be found from drops by monsters but theres also a rare suplemental crafting item needed for each item you find them so rarely I suggest you just purchase them from the Crafting NPC in any town.Then once you have all the items needed simply click produce and if you have the bag slots it will create the item for you.In Order to level your craft you need to craft a certain amount of items Press O and look for exp at the top of your craft book when exp reaches the number it says your craft will level up.

Q:How do I travel to other towns?

A:Once again at the top right theres a small button that when the mouse is held over it says "World Map" you then right click the big map that pops up and you will see all the towns .You may also locate the skylord who is in anytown they will be able to teleport you to different towns based on your level for a small fee.

Q:How do I put things into chat that are clickable like I see people doing all the time?

A:Shift clicking any item in your bag will post a Link in your chat, The same goes for Coordinates you simply Shift Click the ground(If it doesn't work your probaly shift clicking a tree or rock)

Q:Why does someone have a cool title above their head and mine says nothing?

A:You can obtain titles through quests and items or even events.If you obtain a new title you can check it by pressing C then clicking the grey box next to the word "Title:" selecting the title will make it appear above your head for all players to see.The colour of titles is predetermined so if you want a different coloured one you had better get searching because not all the cool Titles are in cool colours.

Q:How do I find out about events that are happening?

A:Press the button K you can then see what NPC starts what event.

Q:Who would win in a fight Mr T or Godzilla?
A:Mr T For sure he has a (Refinery +35)(Imbue +42 Attack)MoHawk and hes not afraid to use it.

Q:Why did my name turn red after I killed somebody for no apparent reason?

A:This is what's called infamy if you kill someone with a white name this will happen and the more white names you kill the more red your name will become.Sure it looks cool but the more infamy you have the higher the chance of you dropping things out of your inventory/equiped items.

Q:Wow I can kill people for no apparent reason?

A:You sure can if you are either on a PVP realm or play Wildlands PVP server and are level 30.Simply click the button at the top left by the picture of your character that says "PVP Settings" when the mouse is held over it and untick the desired boxes to attack people.If you are still unable to attack who you want hold CTRL and you should be able to.

Q:Why is my esper/pet unable to level anymore?

A:Your pet can only get 5Levels ahead of you and your esper can only reach a level that is based on your level so once you level up a bit more you should be able to level up both.

Q:What are these special buffs I keep hearing about?

A:The buffs are most probaly the ones provided by Tanis Ka in sunstream with his gods gift quest you right click these items and gain both a large Attack Boost and a large Defence Boost for 8 hours unless you die.You can also buy these items in marketplace by pressing J but you will need to spend reall money or visit the banker if you have alot of gold but since your reading my FAQ I will assume you don't have alot of gold.

Q:Why are some people riding animals?

A:These are called mounts they are available for purchase in Market Place but costs Jaden(Real Money).There are also Skyswords(Swords you fly on) Available in market place.

Q:What are tome points?

A:Tome points compliment your skills and can improve their effects greatly or lower Cooldown times. To see how your skills get affected press R to open the skill menu then click tomes and then right click the tome skills this will high light which skills are affected.Some tome skills are active skills themselves but in general tomes just improve existing skills

Q:What is meditate/What are these people in blue bubbles doing?

A:Meditation gives you slow but constant exp you can actually level from doing nothing but meditating all day, However you don't gain money and killing monsters is alot faster experience.In order to meditate you click the yellow budha at the top right of your screen this can ONLY be done in safe zones such as town.

Q:What is pet Fusion and Esperate?

A:Fusion raises your resistances and reduces damage done to you while its in effect, Esperate increases the effects of your esper.

Q:How do I redistribute my skill and/or tome points?

A:You have to buy a Jaki Stone for skill points and/or a Reset stone to reset your tome points.These can be bought from the market place.

Q:How do I buy equipment?

A:At the tailor and blacksmith in any town you are able to buy equipment up to level 30.After level 30 you must either recieve the equipment from Tanis Ka and his "Future Heroes" quest, Craft it yourself or if you are really desperate you can buy it at sunstream for a high price from your faction agent.Coordinates (96,65) In Sunstream then simply click the faction agent that is your faction and you will be able to buy the equipment you need.

Q:Why do my taichi pills disappear after I get them?

A:Taichi pills automatically turn into experience after just a few seconds.

Q:Why do I have two Identical quest items and after finishing the quest I still have one of them but I can't drop it?

A:This is a very common bug but you can just sell the item to a NPC to get rid of it.

Q:Why can't I put skill points into my next tier of skills?I did the quests and everything

A:You need to spend 8 Points on intiate Tier in order to put any points into the skills on Tier 1, I STRONGLY Suggest you spend no more than 8 on Intiate.To place points into Tier 2 you need 24 points in Tier 1 then 24points in Tier 2 to put points into Tier 3 and it remains constant at 24 until Tier 5

Q:Why is there purple writing in my chat from some crazy guy saying "Where Are My Books?"/What is Leowens Book event?

A:At 12:20 and 20:00 Game time on Realm 15 and Realm 15 ONLY for 2hours just outside sunstream city special book monsters appear collect as many sets from the same authors as you can for different rewards.For more details on this or any other event check The Game Guide Repository Here

Q:Why did I not get exp when I killed a monster that had a red name It was the only one of its type and looked like a boss but I got nothing?

A:This is actually a Quest monster you do not get anything from these unless you have the quest so don't waste your time on killing them again

Q:I saw a guy flying on a sword how do I do that?

A:You can purchase the Skyblades in marketplace but you will be unable to ride them until level 45.There is also a quest at the Wind Fairy in Sunstream that is available after level 60 this quest will give you a 3 day skysword, Unfortunatly you will need level 3 charge or a portal charm to reach the top of the pavilion or simply be a female and get embraced and get picked up and dropped there by a male that allready has a skyblade.

Q:What is embrace?

A:Embrace is when a male character picks up a female character they can carry them on their mount or skyblade or simply walk.To start an embrace you click a character then right click on their picture and select embrace.

Q:What is a duel?

A:A duel is just a fun way to test out your skills/character againest another player with no consequences.In order to start a duel it is the same as embrace you click their character and right click the picture at the top of the screen and select duel, People have every right to decline duels so don't get offended if they do not wish to fight.

Q:How do I trade

A:To start a trade its the same trick you click their character and right click their picture and select trade.Now if they accept the trade you can either drag an item into the trade window or simply right click the item from your bag.Once you both have the items in the window that you wish to trade you select lock and then select trade, BOTH players MUST have clicked lock and then clicked trade inorder for a trade to go through if you locked in and a condition of the trade has changed you will be warned.

If Anything Is Incorrect Please Say So I Would Like To Have All Correct Information Here.

Q:How do I send a message to everyone on the server?/What is this yellow text that comes from an invisible person near me?

A:That isn't the invisible man that is someone using a Telepathy Gem from marketplace. Telepathy Gems allow you to send messages on world chat that everyone on the server can read, They are also commonly sold by players on the trading realms so take a look.

Q:How do I sell stuff to players? I have an awesome item but the NPC will pay me 10Copper

A:Log onto the trading realm and travel to sunstream as its the most commonly used for selling.Now open up your bag and click on Vend this will create a shop while you can do this anywhere I suggest you do it only in sunstream town near the skylord as this is where most people look so anywhere else might not be as effective.

Q:How do I change realms or am I bound to the one i picked the first time?

A:You can change realms anytime aslong as your not in combat by pressing the big blue button thats at the bottom right of your screen now theres a button with an arrow like this (>>) it will say Character selection when the mouse is held over it, Once you are at character select you may pick your realm at the top left corner

Q:Is the stuff I put into stash shared among all my characters?

A:No stash is specific to your one character, However if you wish to transfer items you can mail them using the courier in Everytown for 10silver.

Q:What are Sleepless Quests?

A:At level 60 you can start these quests at the physician in Doom Bog. The sleepless quest is a quest that over 24hours you kill white name monsters and the exp counts up and then at any time you can hand in the quest and get bonus exp generally the same amount you just got from killing them in the first place .

Q:Why can't I do my stats I can use my skill points but why can't I increase my stats?

A:Stats are done automatically my assumption is this was done since you are able to upgrade your espers stats so instead of clicking a button for more stats you have to work hard and do treasure chest quests from meta physicians.Oh then pray to Chuck Norris that you get Treasure Urns to trade at tonni.

Q:What is this master disciple thingy?

A:A player level 105 can take on a disciple aslong as they are level 75 or lower the players can then complete a quest together and it will give the disciple large amounts of exp and the master Expertise which is used to gain new skills.There is also a second quest available that gives potions and exp it is repeatable I think about 4times a day.

Q:What is this Chi i hear people talking about and where do I get it?

A:Chi is an item that gives large amounts of Defence,Hp,Sp and evasion you can buy it from the shady dealer in Sunstream under assorted goods he stands beside the stashkeeper.You can buy it for 30Gold at level 15 however I recommend you wait until level 45 and buy the Chi worth 45 gold as it is better and buying both is very costly.

If Anything Is Incorrect Please Say So I Would Like To Have All Correct Information Here.
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