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 Jaden for Gold Guide =)

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PostSubject: Jaden for Gold Guide =)   Tue Jan 12, 2010 7:24 pm


(A)--The writing here in green is what people are paying to to jaden
8 gold 5 silver buy 2.. Means that someone is willing to paying 8 gold and 5 silver for 1 jaden gold and will pay that again to get another jaden gold.

(B)--The yellow writing is what ppl are selling jaden gold
12 gold sell 26.. Means that person is selling 1 jadeon gold for 12 gold and will do that trade 26 times.

(C)--This is where u deposit and withdraw your gold or jaden money from to start your transaction to start either buying jaden or selling it.

(D)--This is where you choose to buy your jadeon. So you deposit your game gold then you decided which you are going to choose from the yellow options when u have decided you enter the price they are asking for into the the price area. So if you want to buy 1 jaden you put 12 gold into the price are then in the buy area you put 1 to buy 1 jaden gold a small fee might need to be payed then u click on confirm then 1 jaden gold or how ever much you bought will be deposited to your current avalible funds below.

(E)--Now if you wish to sell jaden gold click on the sell button at the top of the page, type in the price of how much you wish to sell your jadeon gold for apc, then bellow in the sell option type in how many jaden gold you wish to sell again a small fee will be added on then click confim then come bk in a couple of hours or a day to see if your jaden has been sold if so then withdraw your funds to your character.

Just remeber when you press confirm for either sell or buy another screen will come up showing you what is avaliable to buy which you then click on the price you are willing to pay for the jaden gold then click trade. I ill post a screeny of that part soon.
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Jaden for Gold Guide =)
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