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PostSubject: Tier 4 QUEST GUIDE   Tue Jan 12, 2010 12:24 am


Tier 4 / Spiritual Enlightenment LV4 Quest Line

Just to make your life easier and save you a bit of time and gold to complete tier 4. ^_^

First of all, many people say that the quest result is very random, and others say it's not. I say that this quest is a bit of both. Apparently, the developers of JD were extremely bored and decided to mess around with a mandatory quest line just to humor themselves. They implemented gender and faction considerations and a bit of probability formulas into tier 4. -.-

Tier 4 quest line consists of 4 parts, but if you didn't select the right answer the npc wants, u'll have to do something much harder. I have done my research and compiled the best answers shown below, as well as the resulting consequences. I finished my Tier 4 on my skysong (female) within 35mins with all the desired results by following this guide: don't have to kill 300 mobs, don't need to die, 1 stone of each, and 9 flowers. (yay~ ^_^)

EDIT: I just finished my Tier 4 quest again on my ascended skysong. Everything went well except i killed 300 mobs. I made some slight modifications. There's a seperate guide for female and male arden tier 4 quest guide that i translated. Go have a look~ ^_^


For MALE characters only:
---> Choice #2: I want to stay with my lover.
For FEMALE characters only:
---> Choice #5: I want to be the best in the world.

Making the above selection will give you the highest chance to tell you to go speak to a npc in billows, nice and easy. All other choices will require you to kill 300 mobs within 30mins. (Chances that having you select other answers and skip the 300 mobs is very low -> most likely less than 10%) However, the probability in you having to kill these 300 mobs is 1 out of 4 even if you chose the correct answers.

If you are one of the unlucky ones, and absolutely do not want to risk dying and go kill them, I would suggest you to wait 30mins for the quest to fail (do not trash it, otherwise u'll get the same result), then retake the quest again. This method was proven to be successful (which means u don't have to kill 300 mobs).

(EDIT: this reset method works for some people, and doesn't for others. I'm sorry that I can't find a reason for it. One of my alliance members had to reset 6 times and still doesn't work, another person reset once and worked perfectly. Try relogging to reset chr info, or chose the other gender selection after multiple resets, it might work Razz)

If you decide to kill them anyways, prepare 3 portal charms marked seperately at prison, petalgrave, and fishman locations beforehand. Be sure you have someone in a party with you to help you aoe, otherwise you'll ran out of time. The mobs you'll have to kill are 100 of each of Redtail, 4-eyed, and fish. The timer stops the moment you complete all 300 kills, therefore you do not need to set portal charm at elder the quest giver.

PART 2: 2 possible results are either to die or go kill a boss.
---> Choice #3: the chances for u to get either results is 50-50; However, I strongly suggest u to select this answer so u'll gain a higher chance to turn in 1 stone each for the next part of ur tier 4 quest.

If you don't want to lose exp, go in a random battle ground and die in there, you'll won't lose exp this way. But remember to put away your puppet in the stash just in case. Other ways to not lose exp are: get pked; have ur master (u'll be the disciple) kill u; die in yasho invasion; seige wars? (will not use up puppet)... however, please DO REMEMBER TO PUT UR PUPPET AWAY IF U DON'T WANT TO LOSE IT.

The boss for this choice is to kill emissary of ghosts, which is located at Righteous Manor in ss. Have someone to help you if you can and get ur pet out since this boss has quite a bit of hp, plus it regenerates hp as well.

PART 3: Hand in Mystic White and Blue Stones:
For FEMALES characters:
---> Choice #3: This has the highest chance for you to hand in 1 of each type of stones instead of 6. The probability is high, very random.

For MALE characters:
---> Choice #4: highest chance for guys to get 1 stone each.

PART 4:If you were Shaw Danon, who would u choose?
---> For DARK factions (modo, lupin, vim) only: Bilu
---> For LIGHT factions (jadeon, skysong) only: Anan
---> For FEMALES only: neither (I mean, think about it. You're a girl, and yet u're choosing another girl to love...) EDIT: not sure whether marriage will affect this answer as well...

Choosing these will give you the highest chance to collect 9 flowers only. (99 flowers if you are unlucky, but it will never give u 999 flowers to collect, which will take over 10 hours to complete) You should be able to autorun to where u collect the flowers. The mob that drops flowers is bewitching orchid.

PART 5:Final part
---> Choose any, u'll need to kill a boss no matter what. However, different answers will require you to kill different bosses (no idea about which is more difficult, get ur pet out and grab a friend because it does take time to finish it yourself. The damage it deals is the same as emissary of ghosts. For me, a skysong, it dealt 1 dmg with crystal buffs and skysong def buff).

Suggestion: Choose the first one, i heard it's the closest.
(EDIT: Option #1 requires u to kill the boss directly on the left side of the quest starter at immortal's outlook, beside the river. Option #4's boss is located at the bottom right corner of ss map, near the broken road above Epitaph Mountain. Use automove Razz)

P.S. feedbacks and confirmations are always welcomed~ ^_^
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