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 Treasure Hunt: Secrets of the Treasure [Sky Dweller]

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PostSubject: Treasure Hunt: Secrets of the Treasure [Sky Dweller]   Tue Jan 12, 2010 12:21 am

i finished the maps you get from doing vangards i only tested cuppel spots out and recieved a gold leaf and Gold Brick as reward. the map is a map of billows ill test it out more and post my finding but for now i hope dis helps out you can post a reply of your findings here ty from what it seems ya need the charm at skyweller cost 10g i bleave when ya get to cords you use charm and bam reward some time it may fail it ones a day you can get reward and "You need to put map together" just go to cords and have charms.

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Treasure Hunt: Secrets of the Treasure [Sky Dweller]
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