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 Jadeon Built [Hybrid]

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PostSubject: Jadeon Built [Hybrid]   Mon Jan 11, 2010 8:52 pm


Heres a brief guide & skill chart for the different Jadeon builds:

Jadeon PVE Build:
Build is pretty similar to the ones u will see around forums.. this PVE build is based around Refined Vigor which comes in Tier 2.. which will greatly reduce ur cost of sp pots.. fully maxed n tome.. u wont use a single sp pot.. guaranteed.. unless u invigorate with lots of sp heavy skills n aoe..but notheless reduces sp pots greatly..

The tradeoff of maxing Refined Vigor is Frenzied Edge.. which is undoubtedly an excellent PVP bleed skill..but for PVE single attack skills r pretty much useles.. Refined Vigor will save u a bunch of gold and will allow u to grind aoe full time if u decide to without burning gold.

Jaden PVP Build: *EDITED* Different than shown in pic
Pretty much the difference is.. the points that went into Refined Vigor go into Frenzied Edge and Nature's Mystery.. Frenzied is really an excellent PVP bleed skill and Nature's Mystery is really a great slowing array skill for any jadeon looking to pvp..

My final build went maxing Nature's Mystery and 5/9 points to frenzied edge.. Many people asking y nature's mystery and the reasong being is it is an excellent slow skill maxed.. eventhough it doesnt have a tome.. it is an array skill that will constantly automatically cast for u every 5 seconds and greatly slow down ur enemy.. and it has no casting timer allowing u to focus on the rest of ur skills.. also wat slow does in pvp for a jadeon is allow u to maintain distance to work in ur spells.. endgame... even if u have the best of a jadeon.. u dont want to be up in the face of any lupin or vim.. as they can take u down in a matter of seconds.. u may think u can 1 shot them with Magnificent Spirit.. whilch holds true for lupins.. but u need to remember (they could do the same too lol) and that the cast time on MS is 60 seconds (tomed).. so in war that is not fast enough for numerous enemies.. and as for vims.. only spell jadeons can rely on to take them down is obscura.. which still might not b ur best bet is trying and slowing them down.. allowing u to maintain ur distance for ur ranged attack and creating urself some buff time

Some may ask y not Crescent Moonblade.. well honestly.. the paralazye effect on that skill is pretty weak end game and more times than none will not stick on any high lvl players.. showing "Defend" and making u feel very cold, lonely, and empty inside...

Tradeoff of getting Frenzied Edge n Nature's Mystery.. is once again the loss of Refined Vigor.. making u spend alot more money.. which as a Jadeon and having already low defense and burning hp pots doesnt seem fun..

Jadeon Hybrid Build:
This build is pretty much...... wat it says lol.. a mix between PVE and PVP.. u get Frenzied Edge.. but 1 point for Refined Vigor..which still along with tomes is not that bad..and not great.. but thats the tradeoff in this build..

My Recommendation (wat ever that is worth to u lol):
This is pretty much wat i followed..
Go PVE Build till 150.. cuz Refined Vigor will save u aloooot of money and will alow u to aoe grind without burning too much gold.. and actually still bring u out on top..
But once u get to 150 switch to PVP build if ur a little more heavier in the pocket and found a consistent way to bring in money.. which u should have by now..
Honestly the PVP Build is the better of the builds.. but it is more expensive..soo... it is all up to u

Jadeon Tome Build:
Same as u will find on forum..and honestly is best way
Follow Blade because it will get u Ancestral Virtue which will make Nameless Way another credible defense skill for jadeon...which along with Air Shield, Faithful Defender, and Ice Aptitude should keep u constantly up with a strong defense buff ..
Some may say they want to b "AOE" they go for Mystic.. which honestly is a big mistake bcuz wat they dont realize is in Blade is the best AOE tome... once again Ancestral Virtue!!!
The extra hp bonus to Embodiment of Truth is ridiculous.. and honestly.. the best aoe skill for Jadeons is not even in Tier 5..but in the Virtue Tome page.. Obscura!!!!!!
Yes.. max this skill.. Buff with Embodiment of Truth and Helping Hand before u cast Obscura.. and get very confused at wat just happened to everything on the screen................ Razz

Anyways.. Hope this helps u guys out. Questions.. criticisms.. flames.. discussions.. love letters welcome.. just make sure the love letters r clean n not too explicit for the kids.. (explicit love letters just pm me please)..hope to c u around in game
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Jadeon Built [Hybrid]
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