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 Modo Human/Demonic Built

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PostSubject: Modo Human/Demonic Built   Mon Jan 11, 2010 8:45 pm


Since i see new threads everyday and new builds based on the old Solacroix builds which were a mess and outdated i decided to post again the build i "recommend" for leveling and some PvP at 125-140, it will save you hundreds of gold in pots on your way to level 150.

Initiate Skills:

Heavy Blow-2

Points used: 8

Tier 1:

Fiendish Bone-1
Ghoulish Night-5
Endless Shadows-5
Primary Evil-3
Upheld Oath-9
Demonic Posture-8

Points used: 31 (This would require you to be level 73 to advance to Tier 2 skills, if you prefer to get Tier 2 skills earlier you can put more points on Primary Evil and less on Upheld Oath, after all Upheld Oath it's just a PvP skill. But i can really tell you that reaching level 73 is fast, and you won't have any advantage by having Tier 2 skills earlier, autoattack is the way to grind )

Tier 2:

Chaotic Whirlwind-3
Secluded Spring-3
Restrained Resentment-8
Formidable Opponent-6
Verbal Assault-1 (optional, you can put this point on Modon form if you don't want this AoE, it gets useless later)

Points used: 24 (Here again we might have to wait until level 81 to advance to Tier 3 skills, but the first skills are useless so i advice you to wait until level 81, if you don't want to wait put some points on Modon form and less on Restrained Resentment, i highly advice to wait until level 81, you can aswell skip Verbal Assault and put that point on Modon form if you don't find useful to AoE at that level)

Tier 3:

Violet Breeze-3
Ghost of the Wronged-2
Soul Contract-6
Ember Prison-3
Bonesmelt Stinger-1
Surprise Assault-10

Points used: 25 (Again you would have to wait until level 112 to advance to Tier 4, and again there is not any skill important before that level, so i advice you to wait those 7 levels)

Tier 4:

Sand Screen-3
Shadowheart Umbra-6
Bonestained Soul-3
Flesh Burn-5
Vile Edict-3
Forest of the Laughter-10

Points used: 30 (You don't have to wait this time )

Tier 5:

Kangba Extinction-6 (optional, you can leave it at level 3)
Dance of Chaos-4

Points used: 15
Total points used= 133
Free skill points=16

That means you have 16 free skill points to use as you please, you might get modon form (not maxed), Sky Seeker and Nimble Spirit maxed for example, or you can use them to advance in some Tier earlier, do as you please. My advice would be to put 1 point on Modon form and 2 points on Sky Seeker, that will help while killing Princes/Corrupteds/Snowmans very fast (under 10 seconds).

Now the tomes should be the following for this PvE leveling build:


Vicious Intent-2
Bone Poison-2
Shapeless Venom-2
Curse of Dejection-2
Ghostly Command-2
Third Life-1

This should be your first priority, getting Third Life as soon as possible to gain extra defense and save a lot of gold in pots later on.


Concealing Mist-1
Waning Diligence-2
Disastrous Echo-2
Spirit Wings-3

This is not really a priority after Third Life, but Spirit Wings is simply amazing, it helps to reset the cooldowns of your long cooldown skills, like Restrained Resentment, imagine permanent +40% skill damage.

The rest of the points are up to you, but i advice the first column in Rage to be maxed if possible.

With this build you will level nicely taking "low" damage from mobs, so in the end, the money you will save in pots can be spent on a skill reset when you reach very high level, but since you still have to ascend i don't see a point on that, unless you want to PvP before Ascend (Ascend is getting back to level 1, but as a stronger character).

Btw, the best time to reset skills is at level 125 if you really want to PvP a bit, else stick with your current build until ascended. That's the best time to reset because you can max everything from Tier 1 to Tier 4, demonic posture, modon form, any T4 skill can be maxed (weird but it's true). At that level you won't have any problem to afford a skill reset.

Post your opinions and ideas, and correct me if there is something wrong, regards and happy leveling!
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Modo Human/Demonic Built
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