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 When you cant handle it..

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PostSubject: When you cant handle it..   Sun Feb 28, 2010 3:41 am

Azz i know this may sound pussy like, but sometimes you just gotta learn when to surrender and things..
Azz thank you for encouraging me, But ... I dont know..Im not even sure of things..


"Don't give up" they tell me
"everything's going to be ok"
I wonder how they'd feel
if they lived this ordeal day to day
and what if they've been fighting
with all the strength they had
yet there's no way of winning
now wouldn't they feel sad?

"Hang in there you're going to be ok"
I've heard it a thousand times
I'm tried of writing about it
with all these silly rhymes
I'm tired of almost every thing
I don't really want to go away
because when I go to that clinic
I got a feeling I am there to stay

"Keep on fighting the good fight"
and "The Lord is on your side"
can't you see I have been fighting
and that I've got a lot of pride
but no matter how hard I try
this time I'm not going to win
and I don't want to talk about it
but here I go again

"Don't give up" they tell me
"everything is going to be ok"
I wonder how they'd feel
if they lived this ordeal day to day
it's been a year and a half now
I've had more than I can take
one thing I feel in my heart
going to that clinic will be a mistake
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When you cant handle it..
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