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 The Ultimate PVP Built

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PostSubject: The Ultimate PVP Built   Mon Jan 11, 2010 8:41 pm


I've received lately lots of request from you guys regarding a build for pvp Lupin.Let's don't talk about stuff and go straight to our topic ,here we go guys.
Since I said this is an ultimate pvp build , you won't have to reset or anything because its perfect already...max crit damage, max crit rate that you can have, the cooldown timer are erased or reduced . You just simply need to wait until lvl 135 then everything is set ...Ownage timing lol.

Lupin Tier 1
Part water: 3/9
Free spirit :3/3
Meditation : 8/8
Haste: 8/8
Mist: 3/8
Thicken Blood : 8/8

Lupin Tier 2
Scent of Darkness :3/9
Dimbly Discernable : 8/8
Charge: 3/3
Hazy Blur :5/8
Love Sickness: 2/8
Positive Reinforcement: 9/9

Lupin Tier 3
Dance of the Butterflies : 1/9
Vanity : 3/3
Seductive Brush: 9/9
Fallen City : 5/9
Determination : 8/8
Uncertain Emotion : 8/8
Deep Water : 8/8

Lupin Tier 4
Jeden Shadow : 5/9
Love's Glance :8/8
Forgotten Worries :8/8

Lupin Tier 5
Forgotten Dream : 6/6
Blessing of Spring : 5/5
Frozen Memories : 2/2

Note: the blue colored skills are importantly PvP skills, they should be maxed and is used at correct times.

Tome Build
Many people don't know much about TOME points, wonder how many tomes you'd get total? Here it is, there are 48 tome points in total.
From lvl 15 - 90: each 5 lvls u get 1 tome point (16 points)
From lvl 90 - 120: each 3 lvls u get 1 tome point (10 pts.)
From lvl 120 - 135: each 2 lvls u get 1 tome pt. (7 pts.)
From lvl 135 - 150: each 1 lvl u get 1 tome pt. (15 pts.)

duel 1 on 1 build



I suggest you guys to add Fervor tab first to get your basic crit rate ASAP, then add the Misery tab , it would help you be able to get critical rate buff Without Regretat lvl 120, this is an ultimate buff of our faction, a must have.

Group pvp build



Why I don't get Without regret buff here? Well, this buff offers us 12% crit rate in 17 seconds then we will have to wait for 3 mins for it's cooldown . That 17 seconds won't help much in a mass war which usually takes up to an hour. That's why I choose adding Misleading Illusion ( raises all buff durations) Chasity ( decreases all cooldown timers for buff skills ), Sounds of nature ( Deep water resets Blessing of Spring 's cooldown) and Numbness (Frozen Memories's cooldown is shortened by 40%).
Blessing of Spring provides invulnerability and immunity to certain negative effects for 8 seconds , with Misleading Illusion tome its gonna be 9.6 s and after the buff ran out u just use deep water and BAM!!! another 9.6 s .
Frozen memories is literally a strongest attack skill of our faction but the thing is it takes 16 seconds to reload so why not shorten its cooldown
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The Ultimate PVP Built
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