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 Level 135 Faction Esper

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PostSubject: Level 135 Faction Esper   Tue Feb 09, 2010 5:36 pm


MONDAY Thru Sunday you can get this quest. You go to your faction representative that gives you your tier quests who will offer an insane disciple quest. You complete this quest and make sure you are group leader for the the faction day that corresponds with the days below.

If it is sunday and you are a modo it is your day to be the group leader and get the quest so complete the kill 10 insane then the executioner or the guardian for other factions will give you a new quest. Which you need at least 3 people in group for.

Noone can leave until you turn in or you will fail the quest. You have a random chance to win one of the 12 pieces of any factions esper as well as Heavendeva order which allows you to do a fun 6person group quest in jadeon or the standard 10 wonder mediums.

Either way each time you get 30 taichi pills and if you arent complete idiots it will take 15 minutes to complete. You all must go back to the executioner/guardian of that faction for that day to turn in the quest to get the reward not your own. Moontop hollow is entered by talking to the NPC outside and he gives you a quest to enter. It is in Jadeon and it is on the map.

Once You go inside and kill 5 Horrid Fume Source which AOE bleed, if you have HP buffs you will bleed more damage. Also do not AOE or you will piss off nearby mobs and everything there stuns. You will be stun locked and die. Go as a group.

Modos can often times one shot the fume source using Flesh burn. Keep that in mind that they are a valuable groupmate for this reason and save you alot on potions. They can be stunned and it is set damage monster.


Ok the quest is done as follows Below I listed the days for which you as that class can do the quest twice. Once as the group leader then a second time as a groupmate with either another of your faction that was in the first group or a new group all together. However others who did it for the day will prevent you from getting it a second time so get a new group to replace those lost.

Monday - Balo
Tuesday - Arden
Wed: Vim
Thur: Jadeon
Fri: Skysong
Sat: Lupin
Sun: Modo

For the sake of helping one another out. Do not be a scumbag and try to sell these pieces at high prices because you think some desperate fool will buy them.

Be fair, the average price for any of the 12 faction pieces for any faction is 500G and they are all equally as common as the other.

Good Hunting to you and I hope you have luck in getting your pieces.
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Level 135 Faction Esper
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