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 Bloodsmelting Guide

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PostSubject: Bloodsmelting Guide   Tue Feb 09, 2010 5:34 pm


A very helpful bloodsmelting guide to get you started:
Advanced Bloodsmelting by Nejibana

I suggest reading through the above guide fully before trying any bloodsmelting. After you finish reading the guide, these random tips may help you with your bloodsmelting.

List of bloodsmelting tips:

I use the following terms to differentiate between level requirement of an esper and actual level (proficiency) of an esper:

level 15 = the esper has been leveled up 15 times by using the esper skill many times
lv15 = the level 15 factional esper that can be bought from esper mystics (i.e. Union Mirror)

Skip to the bottom of the page if you do not want to read all of this

When specializing with an orange stat, an orange attack can mean either either min attack or max attack. You will have to keep applying best dragon skins to your lv75+ espers and testing stat increases/decreases with trigrams to see whether you got a min or max attack orange stat.

You will want to specialize a maximum of 6 different stats. You will only want to try to reach this maximum on level 135 espers because they have the highest stat limit. If you want to specialize more than 6 different stats, the stats will not be very high. Soul Scepter appears to be capable of handling 7 specialized stats, as seen from screenshots.

If you want to bloodsmelt your esper with specialization efficiently, always start with a precious esper. Level it up to level 20 or so (an even level over 15 so decimals make minimal impact on your bloodsmelting process), then apply an orange stat to it. Bloodsmelt random trigrams on the esper regardless of what esper it is until the stat no longer increases (Typically 1-10 trigrams, sometimes more). Next, bloodsmelt random divined lv75 espers onto your esper. After about 20 bloodsmelts your esper will have reached its maximum potential with lv75 divined espers. For max attack, divined lv75 espers will take it to 700 points before they lose their efficiency. If you want to increase your stat further, use random divined lv75 espers that are leveled to levels 15-19. Afterwards, you can move onto divined lv75 espers that are leveled to levels 20-24, then 25-27, and 28-35. Afterwards, you can use divined lv105 espers leveled to levels 20-27, then 28-35. Finally you will want to use divined lv135 espers leveled to levels 30-35. This entire process will take the max attack stat up to about 1200.

If you read the entire previous paragraph you will know that bloodsmelting is a very expensive and time consuming process if you want the "best" esper. I would recommend stopping after divined lv75 espers lose their efficiency because it takes much more work to increase stats past that point.

To make a random lv75 divined esper: Take off all orange stats and bloodsmelt 30-100 random trigrams on it. You don't need to use any other source espers for lv75 espers.
I'll double check this part when I get enough treasure bowls just in case

To make a random lv 105 divined esper: Take off all orange stats and bloodsmelt a few trigrams, then a lot of random lv15 espers. Use divined trigrams if you need to. Only use lv75 divined espers if all else fails.
To make a random lv 135 divined esper: Take off all orange stats and bloodsmelt a few trigrams, a few lv75 divined espers, and a few leveled-up lv75 divined espers if necessary - in that order.

"Perfect" espers:
As you bloodsmelt higher and higher stats on your esper while specializing in no more than 6, the non-specialized stats will decrease. For example, your max attack stat is at 1200 on a lv135 esper, 3 of your resists are at 200, and you are trying to specialize your health stat now. You first make your health stat orange with a best dragon skin, and then you proceed to bloodsmelting it with trigrams then lv75 divined espers. You might notice that every stat except health will have a chance to decrease as you're bloodsmelting more and more onto your health stat. This is because your esper is reaching its overall stat maximum. This is why you will see level 35 espers with 1200 max attack and 20 min attack, and some resistances at 2 points.
You will want to specialize stats in the following order for "perfect" espers:
3 types of resistances
max attack


4 types of resistances
max attack.

You bloodsmelt max attack last because its the stat you desire the most, and an orange stat will never decrease when bloodsmelting if you use the method described in paragraph #4 above. If you value another stat more than attack, bloodsmelt that stat last.

Making a nice esper for leveling:
Most people will want an esper with high attack for leveling, regardless of what the other stats are. The process outlined below will cost about 1500 gold and a few hours of your time. Your end result will be an esper with about 700 max attack if it is leveled to level 30. This process also usually divines your esper.

1) Level up your esper to an even level above 15 (i.e. 16, 18, 20, etc.)
2) Transfer an orange attack stat over to your esper using best dragon skin
3) Bloodsmelt a few random trigrams onto your esper and see whether the min attack or max attack changes. If the min attack changes, repeat step 2. If the max attack changes, move on to step 4.
4) Bloodsmelt any random trigrams onto your esper until the max attack no longer goes up
5) Bloodsmelt any lv75 divined espers (level 1) onto your esper until the max attack no longer goes up

Congratulations! You now have an esper with 700 max attack.
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Bloodsmelting Guide
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