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 How to Make Charm, and Find Charm Mats

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PostSubject: How to Make Charm, and Find Charm Mats   Mon Feb 08, 2010 10:41 pm


I saw peoples selling those low n high lvl charms for upper price, so id like to let you guys know, these charms are not hard to craft, 1st of all this guilde is just basic and simple, other requirements item u will have to look for them or buy from other players.

Charms are additional item that +1 your tome skills which is pretty much helpful if you use the right one for the tome you've learnt. It add some extra SP and HP aswell.

1, To craft a charm, you need a recipe (book) from these NPC that sold for just 1g or 2g, for example if you need a charm for the tome Dragonspite VIm's tome skill, then you must purchase the Book called Dragonspite.

All Recipe books are required lvl 1 craft so you do not need to worry about the craft lvl.

Which NPC sold Charm Recipe?

There are 2 i knew so far.

Low lvl Recipe book >

1: Dreamland Vendor, She wandering around SunStream or can be found at Skysong where Fisher men located.

High lvl Recipe book >

2: Hero of Losken soul This old man NPC wandering around Billows after 10pm EST game time and disappear at 4am EST game time. "i suggest you guys go look around the whole map" and the path is Conversation Hall to Patriot Monolith check all ralm if u dont see him.

Once you bought the book, just click it and craft, check your crafting system and see what items are require for your Charm production.

Most of Charm you will need ! The 5 Elements Bead such as >>

Metal, Water, Earth, Fire and Wood

For example if the Charm called "Dragonspite" then you need to have all >

"Dragonspite Bead - Water,Fire, Earth, Wood, Metal" to produce the charm.

To obtain the Element Bead

Bead Trade from Tonni is only once a day ! Please be noticed.

1: You need to have Charity Points which you Power-lvled your friends n your inductee etc. to gain.

2: The npc name Tonni in Sunstream will trade your charity point for the Beads, which are Gold/Fire/Water/Earth/Wood, after you accept the QUEST from her, click again to finish the quest before she give you the bead.

3: Bring the bead to Special Ops Agent he is the guy that you guys acquriring Cursed quest, accept quest for bead its orange quest, click again to finish, (Remember to choose the Beads for your FACTION! "do this twice cause u got 2 beads", he will give you 2 Lottos, you just play the lotto to get Random bead for the availability TOME of your faction.

I hate this so much cause its so random, you dont get the beads you desire, this make you Powerlvl noob more and forever Good luck

Feel free to ask any question related, correct this topic if there somethin wrong or missing, hope you guys enjoy the money makin trick Im on Billow and i need Thundering Sky Beads for vim, i need all except Earth that i got last nite. 10 days !

Bead Guilde FULLY updated !
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How to Make Charm, and Find Charm Mats
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