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 Arden Built[Hybrid]

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PostSubject: Arden Built[Hybrid]   Mon Jan 11, 2010 8:40 pm


This is build meant to be ready for anything, its neither pvp or pve, its both, exploring the plants make it stronger pvp making up for the lowered beast how ever the beast make it also excellent pve.

This is more for a player who wants to have a bit of options, and strategy to use the right skill at the right time.

A trick for every situation. able to swiftly dispatch easier targets or disable and wear down more difficult and durable opponents. Able to grind at a rate to make others envious, able to scout at speeds no other class can hope to match to locate astral bosses, and able to to swiftly take out astral bosses by oneself if needed.

What is it i mean by a hybrid build?

I mean its able to handle pvp, pve, and duels quite well rounded.

Pve includes more then simply botting, the ability to take bosses/ elites on fast and by yourself is quite nice, an arden can do this because your pet will summon will tank for you, t3 summon taunts, so if you keep you keep your dmg down you should live.

Elites/ Astral /Celestial Vanguards can be killed quite fast by going all out, pet summon, charged bow attacks. Last night i did wild lands astral solo i killed 5 bosses in 30 minutes by myself and almost 12 minutes of that time were spent on trying to find the rat. Unlike other classes who when faced of doing astral alone might have to comprimise and go lower region, an arden can handle itself quite well in its own level region and keep a decent pace.

Here is the abridged image version, read below for a more in depth description and explanations
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Arden Built[Hybrid]
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