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 How do Ardens PVP?

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PostSubject: How do Ardens PVP?   Mon Jan 11, 2010 8:27 pm

By HxH

In fort/war :
0) Find your target (the hardest guy to kill, the one who's got the best stuff or whatever, be sure that he already burned his immune).
1) Cast Wind Walker
2) Cast eloquence lord.
3) Cast nothingness Walk.
4) Cast & charge Cloud Dweller. 1st target dead.
5) Find some group of lowbies/dudes with low hp & cast Solaris Fall in their head... lots of death.
6) Find another hard to kill guy & cast him cloud dweller in the head. Dead.
7) Eloquence Lord should be out (same for wind walker). If you got some spare seconds cast a flame stream somewhere, guy should die too. If it indeed is out, then cast whisker tiger & gank people with your tiger + cloud dweller, eventually flame stream only for lower guys. Lots of death (tiger can massively kill people by himself, I tried it).
Cool When tiger is out, eloquence lord should be castable another time. Go back to 0) usually the guy you already killed before should be back so you don't have to search for a target.

In normal pvp :
Find someone to ninja. Keep your distances.
eloquence lord => wind walker + nothingness walk (to get in 10 yards of him in a sec or 2) => cast lost soul (1s cast time, just security) => use cloud dweller => target dead.

One last tip, useful in every situations :
Learn how to time & use efficiently your "running away" part. If you don't know how to do it you're useless.
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How do Ardens PVP?
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